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Mon amour

The Kantele is the national instrument of Finland.

I  discovered it in 2007 while I was studying swedish at university in Paris. I immediately fell in love with it and knew I would get old with this instrument.

I am about to finish my 1st solo album and embark on a 9 months trip through Japan, Finland and Norway to pursue my work of mise en scene, taking pictures and shots of different places, connect with people, look for things to integrate on stage. Please join and listen to the songs.

Many thanks to Emmanuel Quirié, Etienne Gillet, Jana Klein,  Stuart Mudie, Will Krause, Zack Humphrey, Anna Reuben, Austin Badger, Melody Carroll, Charlotte Moreau, Cat Masson, Irene Wang, Thomas Charlet, Jean Gillet, Laurent Houdard, Philippe Tessier Ducros, Jonathan Reig, Lorène Carron, Anne Clémence Rouffet, Anne Amandine Corgiat with whom I have had the pleasure to play so far.

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